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The use of chemicals placed on the European Union market within the framework of EU Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulations (EC 1907/2006) includes the requirement of a field assessment according to the provisions of the French Labour Code. Numerous methods exist for assessing chemical risks in the work environment in France, taking into account risks to health, fire, explosion and environment. These methods need to be harmonised in order to ensure consistency among prevention actions. The software tool Seirich was developed for this purpose by the Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité (INRS).


The methodology deployed in Seirich is part of a national agreement on prevention of chemical risk, and involves numerous partners, including the French Ministry of Labour, the Occupational Risk Directorate of Social Security and several trade organisations. This tool includes the changes due to the classification and of substances and mixtures according to the EU Classification, and Packaging (CLP) Regulations (EC 1272/2008). The Seirich methodology includes several steps implemented as functionalities:  

  • inventorying of products and emitted substances;
  • ranking of products and emitted substances according to their risk level;
  • chemical risk assessment adapted to the user's degree of expertise;
  • technical and legal advice adapted to the context;
  • follow-up for prevention actions.

The description of the methodology and the Seirich tool are available for download free of charge, via the Seirich website (in French; some information is also available in English, including a demo version).

Results and further development

Since June 1st 2015, Seirich has been downloaded by more than 15.000 companies in France and abroad and several training sessions have been organised to help companies with chemical risk assessment using Seirich. The software has been updated since Seirich was first launched. A demo version is now available in English and other features have been added such as frequently asked questions.

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