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OSHwiki is an online encyclopaedia including articles written by EU-OSHA or by independent authors that have been provided access by EU-OSHA.

Although the majority of articles included in OSHwiki are in English, there are several articles that fall under the following categories:

  • Articles originally uploaded in English which have been translated into other languages. These articles may have been translated by EU-OSHA or by an independent author. In the latter case, parts of the article may have been adapted to the national context.
  • Articles that have been uploaded directly onto OSHwiki in languages other than English. These articles have been uploaded by independent authors.

If the article is available in other languages it will be indicated in the left hand menu of the page. EU-OSHA does not take any liability regarding the accuracy of the content of the respective article if it was translated or directly uploaded by an independent author in English or in any other language.