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Since 2010, Spain’s public service website has been giving advice on health and safety to small enterprises of under 25 employees and to self-employed workers.

Currently, the Internet is the principal source of information in people’s lives. Most of us use smart devices, such as tablets and mobile phones, ensuring that we are always online. These new ways of doing business are no longer alien to small business and they are trying to explore all of the opportunities that the World Wide Web offers them.

For these reasons, in 2016 was updated, with IT advancements necessarily being the starting point.

The updated

Currently, the platform has a responsive web design that properly fits every size and screen orientation. Users get a dynamic experience that catches their attention. This has had a direct influence on user statistics. In 2018, more than 94,000 records were generated by companies using the website and it had received around 800, 000 visits. allows you to:

  • Easily manage technical prevention activities by doing risk assessment and implementing control measures.
  • Facilitate coordination among enterprises in shared workplaces.
  • Improve the management of OHS documents by providing simple, useful and practical reports.
  • Obtain an official certificate on basic health and safety issues through an e-learning platform.
  • Know the occupational risks and the appropriate preventive measures of several activities through interactive tutorial videos.
  • Download free infographics and practical files adapted to the management of safety and health in small companies.
  • Resolve OHS questions directly by calling the hotline STOP-RIESGOS LABORALES.

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