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The IOM was fouded in 1969 by the then National Coal Board (NCB) as an independent charity to take over the running of research into pneumoconiosis (through the Pneumoconiosis Field Research programme) and other aspects of occupational health.


From these origins in occupational health research (where we continue to have an international reputation for pioneering workplace health projects), our remit today also extends into certain areas of environment and public health, and to the provision of consultancy and scientific services. Our mission is “to benefit those at work and in the community by providing quality, research, consultancy and training in health, hygiene and safety and by maintaining our independent impartial position as an international centre of excellence".

Our work

Building on almost fifty years of experience, we have a strong international reputation for high quality published research, undertaken on behalf of our many research sponsors in government, industry and charitable institutions. In our consulting and services work, we have a reputation for high quality, authoritative and independent measurement, surveys and reporting, which we undertake for hundreds of clients – large and small – each year.

Current research activities cover a variety of areas relating to:

Workplace Health Research, including:

  • Workplace cancer
  • Mechanisms of disease
  • Healthy ageing
  • Chemicals exposures

Public Health Research including:

  • Air pollution
  • Pesticides
  • Cigarette smoke and indoor air
  • Child health

and Nanosafety Research, including:

  • Exposure to engineered nanomaterials
  • Potential hazards from nanomaterials

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