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Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine (NIOM), Lodz, Poland, was founded in 1954. Over almost sixty years of its history, it has evolved from a small unit at the Medical University of Lodz (1952) into an independent, multidisciplinary research and development centre, employing circa 400 highly educated and qualified members of staff. Since 1954 the scope of activities of NIOM has been evolving in accordance with the national and global standards. The Institute is also authorised to confer PhD and post-doc titles in the following fields: medicine, medical biology and health sciences.


The mission of the Institute is to deliver the best possible practical and systemic solutions, so as to improve the quality of living and working.

Fields of research

The Institute has extensive experience in the following research areas:

  • epidemiology of occupational and environmental diseases
  • environmental and clinical toxicology
  • toxicological biochemistry
  • occupational medicine
  • occupational pathology
  • occupational and environmental health
  • radiometry
  • occupational psychology and sociology
  • physiology of work and ergonomics
  • analysis of health policies
  • workplace health promotion

International collaboration & projects

Members of staff employed at the Institute are highly regarded by colleagues, not only from the EU, but also worldwide. Since 1974, the Nofer Institute acts as a WHO Collaborating Centre in Occupational and Environmental Health. Besides, our researchers belong to a number of other international networks such as ICOH, BSN and ENWHP. Furthermore, our employees are frequently delegated as national experts to the European Commission, European Parliament or other cross-national initiatives such as the Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Wellbeing. Since 2004, the Institute has taken part in over a 100 projects funded by the EU or EEA countries (with a total value of just over €50 mln) and we strive to build new networks and partnerships.

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