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The electronic prevention encyclopedia (“Lexikon Prävention") of the AUVA enables the user in a straightforward and clearly arranged way to find more than 400 essential and basic notions of safety and health at work. The app is based on the Austrian legislation (primarily the ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz – AschG and its decrees), but as the basis for safety and health at work in Austria derives from European directives the tool can be easily applied also in other countries.

The Tool

The prevention encyclopedia gives a concise and easily understandable description of the essential aspects of the Austrian legislation of safety and health aspects. If more information is needed – no problem! For every notion additionally the specific legal and as appropriate also non-normative (e.g. standards) background is cited. But not only notions of safety and health at work were included in the app, also some important adjacent fields were considered – among others legislation of chemicals (REACH, GHS), machinery directive and legislation of radiation protection.

The purpose of the app is to provide the user with a first introduction and an overview of the basic aspects in safety and health at work. A cleverly devised search function supports the user in a rapid and efficient search.

Technical details and availability

The app can be downloaded free of charge

Supported languages: German, English, Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian, Hungarian and Slovakian.

Contact information

Adalbert-Stifter-Strasse 65
1200 Vienna, Austria

For feedback and questions send e-mail to mobile-apps [at] (mailto:)class="external free" title="mailto:mobile-apps [at]"

For general information about all AUVA apps call (only in German language)

Contact information concerning the content:

  • Christian Schenk, christian.schenk [at] (mailto:)class="external free" title="mailto:christian.schenk [at]"

Speaker in Bilbao:

  • Karin Sturm, karin.sturm [at] (mailto:)class="external free" title="mailto:karin.sturm [at]"

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Karin Sturm