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Research areas

ELlNYAE's key areas of research are:

  • Monitoring work environment (chemical, physical and biological factors)
  • Occupational medicine
  • Occupational safety
  • Major Industrial accidents' prevention
  • Ergonomics (including prevention of musculoskeletal disorders)
  • Psychosocial factors

ELlNYAE has developed sector specific risk assessments for a number of sectors. It has also carried out the following studies in collaboration of Greek Universities and other research institutes:

  • Incentives for occupational risk coverage
  • Measures to evaluate seismic risks in industries
  • Occupational diseases in animal production
  • Prevention of occupational cancers
  • New methods of recording occupational diseases
  • Microeconomic analysis of OSH conditions
  • Biological monitoring of workers exposed to chemical risks
  • Biological monitoring of workers exposed to carcinogens
  • Developing medical protocols for establishing ability to work
  • Development of an on-line system of flammable gases measurement in the shipyards

International cooperation

ELINYAE has participated in a number of European projects such as NOW, Adapt, Leonardo, Telematics, Equal, and projects funded by EU-OSHA. ELINYAE was member of the consortia for the Topic Centre Good Practices and TCWE.

ELINYAE has participated in a European Commission projects concerning Directive 92/57/EEC "Temporary or mobile construction sites" and 92/58/EEC "Safety and/or health signs". ELINYAE also participated in a "Study to Analyse and Assess the Impact of National Legislation of Safety and Health at Work relating to Council Directive 91/383/EEC" conducted by a consortium of national institutes. The survey was conducted for the benefit of the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the European Commission. Moreover, ELINYAE participated in the Project "Reinforcement of the Social Partners' Capacity to develop and implement the EU Acquis in the area of Ernployment and Social Affairs" (EUROPEAID/114570/D/SV/CY) that was implemented in the context of EU external actions and was financed by the EU and the Republic of Cyprus.

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