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Especially in the field of health and safety, it is not enough to just look at satisfaction of the participants at the end of training. Nevertheless, “happy sheets” are still a very common practice. It is difficult to find evaluation tools on the market which go beyond the level of satisfaction and are of good psychometric quality on top of that. Therefore the aim of this paper is to present two questionnaires for evaluating trainings which go beyond the level of satisfaction and to show, how the quality of measures can be assessed. In the two first studies presented, the Issue 2 2013 ISSN 1443-8844 psychometric properties of the measures will be tested and in the last study some results, in terms of transfer activities from the practical field are shown. The Seminar Evaluation Questionnaire (SEQ) and the Transfer Evaluation Questionnaire (TEQ) were developed at the Institute for Work and Health (IAG). The IAG is one of three academies of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV). In addition to research and consulting projects, one of the institute’s main functions is to provide training. Both questionnaires are based on wellresearched evaluation models which will be explained in the following paragraph. The two instruments will be described after this and at the end of this chapter the methods for the three studies will be introduced

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Institute for Work and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance

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