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EU-OSHA’s European survey of enterprises on new and emerging risks helps fill an important information gap in the world of health and safety at work. Data on work-related accidents and ill-health are available through workers’ surveys and through reporting systems, but little is known about the way in which health and safety risks are managed in practice; particularly those that are ‘new and emerging’, such as work-related stress, violence and harassment, as well as digitalisation.


ESENER 2009, the first wave of the survey, involved nearly 36,000 interviews with managers and health and safety representatives. The survey covered private and public sector establishments with ten or more employees in the 27 EU Member States, as well as Croatia, Turkey, Norway and Switzerland and more information can be found in ESENER-1 Methodology.

The second edition the Europe-wide survey of enterprises, ESENER 2014 collected responses from almost 50,000 enterprises. The survey covered establishments with five or more employees in 36 participating countries. More information can be found in ESENER-2 Methodology.

ESENER 2019 is the third wave of the survey, interviewing over 45,000 establishments employing at least five people across all activity sectors in 33 countries. Efforts have been made to ensure comprability with ESENER 2014, keeping the questionnaire and overall methodological approach largely the same to those in ESENER 2014.